Furugh Switzer M.Ed.

“I believe that differences between cultures, between men and women, and between conscious and unconscious parts of ourself, can be a spring board to growth and enrichment. In my work I strive to bring understanding and harmony between all these seemingly contradictory elements.
– Furugh Switzer

Furugh is a Persian/Canadian sociologist, workshop leader, lecturer, director and life-skills educator. She has given seminars and workshops and presentations in Hungary and many European countries. She is also trained in Imago relationship therapy. She sees individuals with a variety of issues and concerns and together with her husband Raymond does couples therapy.

Furugh studied sociology at the National University of Iran then turned down a scholarship to pursue graduate studies at the University of Hawaii in favour of moving to Africa. In Swaziland and Lesotho she taught school then, in Zambia, worked as the director of the Masehla Institute. Later she continued her studies in Canada and after graduate studies in Intercultural Education at the University of Alberta, she moved and has been living with her husband, Raymond, and children Nasim (18) and Nabil (17 ) in Hungary since 1994. More recently, she has been trained in Imago Relationship Therapy as an educator.
She is presently director of projects for the Unity in Diversity Foundation in Hungary.  She founded the Meséd Project which works with Roma and other disadvantaged women to improve their literacy and life skills. She also oversees the Fairplay Football Project for young boys and the Dance Project for young girls. All of these projects work to overcome cultural barriers and seek to enhance the ability of people to interact with others more effectively while developing their own unique potential and character.

She has given presentations on intercultural issues and challenges to governmental organizations and agencies in Hungary and, together with her husband Raymond, has conducted workshops and led seminars on Conscious Courtship, relationships and parenting in Germany, Austria, Croatia, Italy, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, England, and Cyprus.

Furugh’s work with individuals and couples

Furugh works with individuals, mainly women, in the following areas:

  • Grief, loss
  • Culture shock and related issues
  • Self-esteem
  • Separation and divorce
  • Managing Conflict
  • Normal challenges of everyday life
  • Life skills

Being familiar with Persian and Hungarian culture and language,  she also works with Persian and Hungarian individuals and couples. In collaboration with her husband, Raymond, she works with couples from cross cultural marriages as well.

She also does consultation via telephone or Skype.