Conscious Courtship – Seminar and Workshop for singles

The needs for marriage have changed and, thus, we need to evolve a new way of finding a partner.  We work to help single people understand what marriage is so that they can see the most essential aspects to search for in a partner, understand important principles in finding a partner, and examine how they can best prepare themselves for marriage.

“We do” premarital workshops

An eight hour workshop for engaged couples and newlyweds to set them on a healthy track for couplehood.

Mindful Matrimony – Couples Workshops and Courses

Not everyone needs therapy, but when it comes to the new requirements of marriage, every couple needs some education and new skills to maintain an optimal level of connection. This is more especially true of couples who have such busy schedules that their time together is at a premium. For couples we offer a number of ways to provide for the needs of couples today.

Courses on relationships for couples:

1.  Couples group: six bi-weekly sessions of two hours duration held after working hours in Gödöllő.

2. Mini workshops: Three-hour workshops: Module 1, Module 2, Module 3, Module 4

3.  Weekend workshops: Concept and skill developing workshop Sat- Sunday

4. Couples Wellness weekends: A full weekend workshop held at a Wellness Hotel including 10 hours of seminar and workshop on communication skills.

Parenting workshops

As with marriage, parenting needs have changed dramatically.  With recent extensive research about the nature of attachment and its importance throughout the child’s developmental years and into adolescence, parents now have a lot more to gain from reexamining their parenting habits.
Workshops on parenting:

1. Children’s needs: A workshop for parents of children up to the age of ten.  Covers the various developmental stages of childhood and the shifts parents need to make at each stage.

2. Parenting teens: That the teen years are necessarily troubling and out of control is a myth that needs to be reexamined. How parents need to be involved with teens to balance the forces of peer attachment and media is explored.

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