Raymond Switzer M.Ed.

Raymond Switzer is a Canadian psychologist, therapist, workshop leader, lecturer, writer and part-time musician living with his wife and children in Gödöllő, working out of the Avicenna Dental/Medical clinic in Budapest as well as his private office in Gödöllő. He has travelled widely across Europe giving seminars and workshops. Mr. Switzer specialised in work with couples, and is a Certified Imago Relationship therapist. He also sees individuals with a variety of issues and concerns. Mr. Switzer did his studies in philosophy and psychology at the University of Alberta in Canada and was originally certified by the College of Alberta Psychologists. In Canada, he worked as a psychologist for Cold Lake Family and Community Support Services and, later, in his Private Practice, he worked with individuals and families in Cold Lake and in Bonnyville.  He also worked with Canada’s aboriginal peoples on various reserves in the area and had contracts to provide counseling services for employees of various companies in the area, including ESSO and BP. He has been living with his family in Hungary since 1994 and is currently a member of the Hungarian Psychologists Association.  He has been trained in Imago Relationship Therapy and, so far, is the only psychologist certified in Imago Relationship Therapy in Hungary.
He and his wife Furugh have conducted workshops and led seminars on relationships and parenting in Hungary, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Italy, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Turkey, Poland, England, and Cyprus.

Raymond studied music at Boston’s Berklee College of Music, plays guitar and has produced two CDs with many of his composition. He has also studied shiatsu (Japanese acupressure) and has given workshops in this.