Nutri-Energetics System

NES : Nutri-Energetics System measuring your body field
The Nutri-Energetics Systems (NES) scanning software is designed to analyse the energy and information flow within your body-field and to identify any conflicting messages that may be affecting your overall well-being

The NES scanning process

The NES scan is quick and easy. You simply place your hand on a scanner (similar to a computer mouse), your body-field is read and in just a few seconds your scan is complete.

Your scan report

After your scan, your practitioner will prescribe you with a personalised program of NES Infoceutical drops. The drops contain water, a tiny bit of alcohol (as a preservative) and encoded micronutrients. The micronutrients are designed to interact with your body-field, providing it with corrective information to help ensure its proper functioning.

Your personalized NES program

Your program can involve taking anything from three to five Infoceuticals over the period of one month. Your practitioner will tell you how to take these, in which order and when. The number of drops you take can vary from 3 to 28 depending on your personal situation.

Subsequent consultations/rescan

It takes more than one consultation to work through the layers of information contained within your body-field. You will be asked by your practitioner to return for a rescan in as little as two weeks to as long as six weeks or more, depending on your personal situation. Patience is necessary with NES, the information within your body-field takes time to work through to get to the root cause of the problem. Some people experience positive changes in days or weeks and others can take months to experience desired changes, especially if problems are chronic in nature.

How the nutri-Energetics works

The Nutri-Energetics system is based on discoveries made by Biophysics scientists over the last hundred years and in particular the work of Peter Fraser and Harry Massey. These scientists have been motivated to find a comprehensive explanation to biological life and fill in the many holes of the conventional chemical model of the human being. We are, after all, far more than just a collection of chemicals.

All living organisms are made from atoms, 99.99% of which are a combination of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon. Biochemistry identifies the effects of atoms combining to form molecules and the interaction of these molecules within the many processes that go to make up living organisms. What chemistry does not show is how and why they do this. Modern sub-atomic physics can now show that atoms interact through information transition and this information is responsible for determining how atoms combine and is classified under the heading the Quantum Electrodynamics field.

Biophysics takes this understanding of atomic information transfer and expands it to biological organisms and shows how information transfer forms a vital component of life. This study has revealed the existence of a specific information based bio-field which we now call the human body-field (HBF). The HBF is intelligent, structured and acts as the body’s master control mechanism. It integrates the:

  • Chemistry – The atoms and molecules that combine to form the chemical body.
  • Physical – The cells that form us and the organs, bones, tissues etc.
  • Mental – The ability to think, reason and consciously react.
  • Emotions – The expression of feelings, a vital part of who we are.
  • Memory – Short and long term as well as the body’s inherent ability to remember who we are and past traumas.
  • Energetic – The various subtle energy mechanisms that form an important aspect of our functioning, including the acupuncture meridians.

The human body-field has been found to integrate, regulate and coordinate all these aspects to the living, conscious body. All these aspects must exist; none can be missed out, yet up to now no means of explaining how they work together has been satisfactorily found. The HBF is a vital part in organizing a set of lifeless chemicals into a living organism and it does this through information transfer.

If the HBF structure should become distorted then this leads to poor coordination of one or more of the layers and this can lead to symptoms of various types. Body field distortions can occur for a variety of reasons from toxins, emotion or physical trauma to electromagnetic pollution.

Where the body-field has become distorted, its function of regulating and coordinating becomes compromised and the wellness of the person will degrade.

If the integrity of the body-field can be re-established then the inherent ability of the body to heal itself is strengthened, and toxins can be expelled.

Nutri-Energetics’ scientists led by Peter Fraser have developed a way of scanning the HBF and determining its integrity. The scanner uses advanced physics processes known as ‘Quantum entanglement’ to match information structures in space to read the HBF and then display this on a computer screen.

Nutri-Energetics Systems® (NES) is at the forefront of independent research into the human body-field – the energy and information field of the human body. In the NES scientific model, the body is a combination of physical, chemical, emotional, mental, energetic and memory aspects, all of which are governed by the human body-field (HBF), which acts as a master control mechanism.

Leading-edge research in holistic medicine, biophysics, bioenergetics, and frontier biology all point in the same direction – telling us that we are more than just our physical body. We each have a biofield – a human body-field (HBF) that is a structured web of information and energy that underlies and informs our physical body and influences the state of our health and well-being.

This is biology from a completely different perspective. It has been discovered that Information and Energy control Biology not Genes and Biochemistry.